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Business Highlight: Informa Markets

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Nov 04, 2021 Thu

The old saying ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child may be true, but in Informa Markets’ case, it only takes a well-experienced and well-connected team to produce the largest in-water boat show in the world, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). Informa Markets, the largest trade show producer across the globe, has been producing FLIBS since 2017 when it transitioned from Show Management to Informa Exhibitions (now Informa Markets). While many attendees and exhibitors know the show for 5 days, with the floating docks in place, the boats tied and lined up precisely, and the tents blasting much-needed air conditioning to escape the South Florida sun, planning and preparations for the show consumes the entire 365-day calendar.
Following up on another tremendously successful show led by President of Informa U.S. Boat Shows, Andrew Doole, it’s important to shine a light on some of the departments and teams who provide incomparable services behind the scenes of the well-known face docks. The first incredibly important departments to recognize is that of credentials and ticketing. In 2020, this team swiftly adapted to a new contactless ticketing system that removed will call stations from all show sites. This change made their jobs leading up to opening day much more imperative to meticulously review orders, track codes, and send individual tickets and credentials to all exhibitors and attendees, including the Windward VIP Experience. As an attendee walks along the docks, including the more than 6 miles of floating docks, the logistics of moving in more than 1,100 boats doesn’t always leave an impact. Informa’s logistics team begins the mapping and planning of every single exhibitor and boat months prior to a boat or tent even arriving at a show site. Renderings help the logistics team visualize the spacing of the show and keep the layout updated as more exhibitors register to attend, and more boats plan to debut at the show. Spanning nearly 90 acres across 6 different show sites, the Informa logistics team have become Tetris experts in providing everyone with their move in and move out schedule that aligns with the docks being installed, the tents going up, the carpet being laid, all with the sometimes-unpredictable Florida weather altering their plans by the minute. The signage, advertisements, totems, and new-and-improved app is all credited to Informa’s creative marketing team. As producers of numerous boat shows and other trade shows across the globe, this team is constantly challenged to think outside the box in terms of the show’s creative, staying on top of the latest trends, and being innovative while implementing new technologies. This year, the FLIBS app relaunched and was well-received by exhibitors and attendees alike in navigating the show, planning their day, and knowing who all was at the show. In the coming year, this team is excited to take all feedback to tweak and update the app to enhance the customer experience for next year. And finally, no two booths, boats, or exhibits spaces are the same and no one knows that more than the sales and business development teams. This team is responsible for handling and organizing all exhibitor space to exact specifications and help exhibitors find the right space for them in the show. This team remains flexible to the ebb and flow of exhibitors expanding their spaces, moving locations, and understanding the regulations of what their space can contain.
In early reports, the 62nd Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is on track to report record-breaking success. And this success would not have been possible without the entire Informa Markets team tirelessly working around the clock to make the show a success. And did we mention that FLIBS is not the only show they’re responsible for? Juggling events throughout the calendar year adds to the many talents of this dynamite team.
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