Newsletter March 2021

From The Captain's Chair

From The Captain's Chair

March 2021

From the Captain's Chair: Moving Towards Normalcy

Three words most of us are ready to hear. After more than a year of uncertainty, there are strong indications that life is slowly, but surely achieving a new equilibrium. Early signs point to a slow yet steady march towards recapturing the essence of those pre-pandemic days.


Pivoting Toward Success

When group gatherings became restricted last year (and remained that way well into 2021), people naturally wondered what would happen to the annual activities and events they looked forward to each year. It was no exception for us at the Marine Industries Association of South Florida.

We were especially motivated to continue our annual sponsored events, because they offered area students the opportunity to engage with and be part of South Florida’s global leading marine industry. But how could MIASF responsibly sponsor events that, in their historic form, violated social distancing and other COVID safety mandates?

Thanks to our creative crew and forward-thinking supporters, we were able to pivot and avoid disappointment. Our team quickly came together and brainstormed ways to keep popular events like the Waterway Cleanup and Plywood Regatta afloat.

We turned to technology to solve the issue of hosting the 44th Annual Waterway Cleanup, which was traditionally a one-day event held in mid-March. This year, with the help of the Clean Swell smartphone app, participants were able to participate on any weekend throughout March and pick the clean-up location of their choice. This helped eliminate crowds at any one place or time, and still met our objective of protecting Broward County’s most important natural resource – our waterways.

When it came to re-inventing the popular Plywood Regatta competition, continuity was especially important. Many past participants have gone on to careers in the marine industry, including competitors who became naval architects, engineers, etc. The annual MIASF scholarships awarded to participants of this event are a valuable way to support students as they move toward marine industry careers. Cancelling the 2020 event was a very difficult decision, and we didn’t want a repeat for 2021. Again, solution!

This year, the regatta concept was modified to become a Cardboard Regatta. The simpler supplies will permit students to build the boat alone or with a partner at home. Besides the boat composition changing, so, too, will the event’s location and competition rules. This year’s regatta takes place in a swimming pool rather than the traditional Dania Beach location. There will also be only one racer per boat, and scheduled race time slots will be assigned. This strategy helps maintain social distancing while still providing the excitement of live competition in a safe and fun environment.

Waterway Cleanup and Cardboard Regatta are just two ways MIASF has pivoted to move steadily along a path toward normalcy.


Elected Officials Lead the Way

Of course, none of these creative solutions would be possible without the support of our local, elected officials.

Whether they are participating as judges in the annual Marine Industry Elevator Pitch Competition; providing funding for sustainability initiatives like Marine Research Hub of South Florida; or working together to support the continuity of live events like our area’s annual boat shows or advocating for necessary infrastructure, the assistance and support of local elected leaders is integral to the marine industry’s continued success.

A welcoming business climate, facilitated by the forward-thinking approach of our community leaders, is also why more than $1 billion in marine industry company acquisitions occurred in the past 12 months. Despite the gloomy economic outlook overall, investors demonstrated their confidence in the Florida marine industry throughout the year.

Acquisitions involving big names including Roscioli, Rybovich, Neptune Boat Lifts, Boat Owners Warehouse, and Maverick Boat Group, prove that investors understand the marine industry is a class A investment, capable of delivering solid returns even in uncertain economic times. The welcoming business climate of Broward County plays a key role in creating and sustaining this optimism.

As we continue to move towards normalcy, buoyed by rapid distribution of COVID vaccinations, there will be challenges still to come. Yet, the marine industry has proven we are more than capable of not only evolving but thriving no matter the obstacles we face. The future looks bright, and we’re excited to lead the way.


Phil Purcell

CEO/President, Marine Industries Association of South Florida

Advocacy Report

Advocacy Report

Let’s talk about trains.  All last year we enjoyed a trip back in time before passenger trains began sharing the FEC tracks. There is a flurry of activity this month as the motions to restart the Brightline service have begun. They are currently installing and testing positive train control (PTC) on the entire line from Miami to Palm Beach. Therefore, you may have noticed flagmen at railroad crossings. PTC is technology designed to automatically stop a train before certain accidents related to human error occur.

We had an opportunity to meet Brightline’s new general counsel, Cynthia Bergmann prior to our joint meeting with the US Coast Guard at the end of this month to discuss the test deviation, any concerns about the proposed rule and next steps. Brightline is anticipating returning to operation between Palm Beach and Miami in the 4th quarter of this year.

The process to create a new bridge or tunnel over the New River has multi-phases it goes through. We are currently in the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study which is conducted to meet the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. They have conducted the property assessment along the tracks and are now doing an in-person traffic study along the river, using the data from the MIASF New River Live Feed to verify and expand the information about river operations. Once these steps are complete, they will hold public meetings and it will be your opportunity to share your thoughts on the best option.

Local elected officials have had some exciting conversations with Elon Musk’s company, The Boring Company, which has a cost-effective way of tunneling. Leadership traveled to Las Vegas to see the work first-hand and then company executives traveled to South Florida to visit the project site including a view from the water courtesy of the Water Taxi. There were several other sites identified around town that a tunnel could relieve traffic congestion. The technology is fascinating but as far as the marine industry is concerned, bridge or tunnel, either one will solve the navigability of the river and keep our boatyards in business.

In Washington D.C., the ProAct 2021 has passed out of the House as predicted and is not expected to move quickly through the Senate. This is an issue of concern and is continually monitored.

Tallahassee is getting ready to wrap-up this legislative session. There are several bills with language to aid in the enforcement of derelict and abandon vessels, some defined anchoring dos and don’ts, an attempt to control water pollution by vessel discharge and a mandatory boater education bill.

Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program Report

Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program Report

Apprentices in the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program (YSTAP) stayed busy during February classes. Our class of 2021 finished up the basic DC / AC electrical troubleshooting material and moved into the Yacht Pumps, Plumbing, & Pipefitting module.  The class began the new module which introduced them to several different classifications of pumps used in yachts to move all kinds of fluids. February was the second month of classes for MIASF’s new class of 2022!  The apprentices received their OSHA 10 cards and completed the remainder of the Shipyard Safety module with the exception of Scaffolding and Common Shipyard Terminology. YSTAP classes begin every January and all classes are taught at award-winning Atlantic Technical College in Coconut Creek.  For more information on how to become a participating employer or an apprentice, please contact instructor Jon Lowell at

YSTAP would like to recognize the accomplishments of apprentice Jose Otero who is employed at Derecktor Shipyard and has been working day and night at the Fort Pierce location to help construct the world’s largest boat lift.  Jose was carefully chosen to be one of a handful of technicians responsible to erect and construct the lift as well as work to preciously torque down the over 8 thousand bolts on the massive 1500-ton travel lift!  We are proud to have Jose as part of our 2021 class and have included a photo of him working on the groundbreaking project - photo credit Tom Serio.

Business Highlight: Frank & Jimmie's Propeller

Business Highlight: Frank & Jimmie's Propeller

Since its founding more than 70 years ago, Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller has grown to become a respected and integral part of the boating industry. Servicing propellers, shafts, struts, and rudders and carrying an extensive supply of marine hardware, every FJ Propeller shop is a one-stop destination for propulsion system repairs and maintenance. With three locations in South Florida, one in the Midwest, and five international shops across the Caribbean basin, help is always close at hand.

Family has been at the heart of this business since the first shop opened in 1947. With the recent addition of Jimmie Harrison’s daughter, Christie, to the team, Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller is now in its third generation of family ownership. Working closely together, the Harrison team continues to build on the business’ success with innovative acquisitions designed to further enhance the customer experience.

They recently acquired Prop Scan systems, Prop Scanning training, and hydraulic propeller repair equipment from Coastal Propeller when Coastal’s long-time owner, Randy Anderson, retired. Frank & Jimmie’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters now has six Hale MRI and three Prop Scan propeller measuring systems, operated by seventeen highly trained prop technicians.

With an eye towards always putting the boat owner first, Frank & Jimmie’s also recently purchased portable, 3D non-contact scanning equipment. They are now able to measure and tolerance propellers during haul-out with the props still installed on the boat. This eliminates the need to remove and transport the props to the shop, saving the boat owner time and money. This same equipment is also used to reverse engineer and CNC manufacture to Class S, any design or size of propeller, with a “start to ship date” as fast as two weeks. Just another example of Frank & Jimmie’s customer-centric philosophy.

To find out more about Frank and Jimmie’s Propeller, visit their website.

Faces in the Industry: Nicole Squartino

Faces in the Industry: Nicole Squartino

Tell us where you are from, what brought you to Florida, and how long you’ve lived here.

I was born in Delaware, and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the young age of 2, and I couldn’t imagine myself ever leaving. My Father worked for Coca-Cola bottling company, and was relocated to the new Coral Gables location as the Marketing Director. I followed in his footsteps, eventually starting my own marketing agency.


Where do you work, what is your job title, and what does your job entail?

Through my agency, First On Deck Marketing, I am the proud Director of Marketing for RMK Merrill-Stevens in Miami, Florida. My team manages the company’s marketing, public relations, social media, graphic design, web maintenance, networking, event management, video production and more. RMK Merrill-Stevens works closely with the MIASF team, participating in the Membership and Workforce committees, and the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program. Seeing RMK Merrill-Stevens return to their former glory and push what is possible for yachts and superyachts in Florida has been one of the highlights of my professional career.


How did you initially become interested in the marine industry?

Being raised in Fort Lauderdale offered me the greatest opportunity to grow up on the water. Whether it was boating, fishing, water sports, exercise/volleyball on the beach, surfing, kayaking, or snorkeling, you could bet that I did it! My eldest brother also served in the Navy and was taught many skills that helped his career in the marine industry as a welder. He worked at Broward Yard in the 80’s as a marine welder, and eventually opened his own company. At times, I would work with him as an assistant during the summers and remember walking the yards, checking out the large boats, and dreaming of either having a yacht of my own or working on one. I knew early in life that my career would be focused on this industry, and that I would raise my family in South Florida. My heart belongs to the marine industry, and I am very grateful for the opportunities it has provided me over the years.


What is your favorite or most valuable benefit of membership in MIASF?

I started my career in early 2000 as a graphic designer for MIASF under Frank Herhold’s helm, and learned so much about the impact of the marine industry in South Florida. As an employee, I was in awe of the work MIASF does for marine businesses but also how dedicated the staff is to MIASF members, the environment, advocacy and the local community. I don’t think there is only one favorite benefit or most valuable benefit of membership at MIASF, I feel strongly that everything MIASF offers members is top-notch. The association provides a portal of information to businesses, locals, visitors, governments and more all while providing marine scholarships, opportunities for employment and educating individuals on how to keep our waterways clean. In addition, the plethora of networking options provided by MIASF both virtual and in-person should not be overlooked as they provide much opportunity for members to mingle with other members to keep abreast of happenings in the industry. As a creative marketer in the marine industry, if your company sells marine products or services -- I suggest MIASF membership should be a part of your overall marketing strategy!


Describe any other community organizations or events with which you are involved?

Over the last 15 years, I have been involved in several local volunteer organizations such as Volunteer Broward as a Disaster Coordinator, Feeding America as a sorter, other local food drives and as a volunteer within the marine industry for several local associations. I also participate in Plywood Regatta as a judge, Waterway Cleanup, Palm Beach Paddlefest, Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade and On the Water Toy Drive benefiting Toys for Tots and Little Smiles, Miami River Day, Triton Expos, and all South Florida boat shows.


Tell us about your hobbies and the kinds of things you do for fun.

My hobbies are my dogs, walking, yoga and spending time with friends and family. My weekly escape, or restart, is to lay out on the beach — soaking in the sun and enjoying the scenery while jamming to some tunes.

44th Annual Broward County Waterway Cleanup Wrap-Up

44th Annual Broward County Waterway Cleanup Wrap-Up

On March 6th and 7th approximately 800 volunteers participated in the kick-off weekend of the 44th Annual Broward County Waterway Cleanup, the county’s largest and longest-running environmental event. Presented by the Florida Inland Navigation District (F.I.N.D.) and organized by MIASF, the first weekend of the Broward County Waterway Cleanup resulted in the collection of over 4,000 pounds of trash and debris from over 34 sites across the county. Volunteers, ranging in age from young children to adults, participated on land and in water with 90 vessels, including boats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

Instead of the traditional one-day event, this year’s Waterway Cleanup kicked-off on March 6th and occurred each weekend throughout the month of March, at more than 30 official locations across Broward County. Over the course of all 4 weekends, over 1,200 volunteers cleaned up a grand total of more than 7,800 pounds of trash!

In addition to the Waterway Cleanup, MIASF hosts middle school and high school recycled-art, essay, and short-story contests each year. Multiple scholarships were awarded, and this year’s winners are:

-$500 Essay Contest Winner: Jovan Alfonzo, Pembroke Pines Charter High School
-$250 Short Story Contest Winner: Natalie Alfonso, New River Middle School
-$100 Short Story Contest Honorable Mention: Miles Derrico, New River Middle School
-$250 1st Place Middle School Recycled-Art Contest Winner: Keira Fahy, New River Middle School
-$150 2nd Place Middle School Recycled-Art Contest: Sterling Roesch, New River Middle School
-$100 3rd Place Middle School Recycled-Art Contest: Zofia Chmielewska, North Broward Prepatory School

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s modified event and a special thank you to all of our sponsors: Broward County, Rolly Marine, Advanced Mechanical Enterprises, City of Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs Improvement District, CRYC Sailing & Water Sports Foundation, Derecktor Shipyard, Dometic, Environmental Marine, Florida Inland Navigation District, Harbour Towne Marina, Henry B. Thomas, LLC, IsoFlex, JM Family Enterprises, Land and Sea, Lauderdale Isles Water Management District, National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, City of Oakland Park, Rush Roll-Off, Starbrite, The Chappell Group, Water Taxi, and Wright Maritime Group. And thank you to Ocean Conservancy for allowing Waterway Cleanup to use their app technology for this event!

Children's Harbor Marine Industry Night

Children's Harbor Marine Industry Night

This month, MIASF partnered with Children’s Harbor to host a Marine Industry Night for the kids in their program. The event was geared to the older youth in their program who are planning to enter the workforce or attend high-education learning. The event began with Megan Piggott, Director of Marketing & Workforce Development, presenting an overview of the marine industry in South Florida and all of the opportunities. A panel of speakers all presented about specific pathways into the industry as well as their stories on how they entered the industry. The panelists included: Will Williamson of Resolve Maritime Academy, Stacy Buckley of Bluewater Yachting, and Trevor Mankini of Golten’s Service Co. The event concluded with Fire Ranger providing an interactive activity for the kids to learn about the different type of fire extinguishers, their importance and role in our industry, and to practice using the various types of extinguishers. We extend a thank you to Alison South Marketing, Bluewater Yachting, Fire Ranger, Golten’s Service, and Resolve Maritime Academy. By the end of the night, the youth were buzzing with excitement and questions on how they can get started working or learning more about the marine industry!

4th Annual Elevator Pitch Competition Final Round

4th Annual Elevator Pitch Competition Final Round

On March 17th, the 4th Annual Marine Industry Elevator Pitch Competition concluded with the top 5 finalists from the South Broward High School Marine Magnet Program presenting their pitches to an esteemed panel of judges. The judges were a blend of industry and community leaders that provided great opportunity for the students to engage with, learn from, and receive feedback from. Thank you to our judges who participated:

·         Mayor Steve Geller, Broward County Mayor

·         Commissioner Ben Sorenson, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner

·         Kim Sweers, Managing Partner of FB Marine Group and Host of Boat Boss podcast

·         Jimmie Harrison, Owner of Frank & Jimmie’s Propeller

·         Phil Purcell, CEO/President of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida

Congratulations to Jackson Harris, the overall winner of the competition. The judges were very impressed with his presentation about his goal to become a captain of a vessel. Jackson will receive a $500 scholarship for winning the competition. Because of the high caliber level of presentations from all of the finalists, the judges were also extremely impressed with Jonas McCall and his elevator pitch presentation talking about his experience and interest in becoming a diesel technician. He will be awarded an honorable mention award of a $250 scholarship. The remaining finalists, Alexander Armor, Keefer Hershewe, and Jada Richardson will also receive $50 gift cards for making it as a finalist in the competition.

Thank you to all of our judges who participated throughout the rounds of competition!

Marine Industry Employer Forum

Marine Industry Employer Forum

MIASF’s CEO/President, Phil Purcell was a speaker at the Marine Industry Employer Forum hosted by CareerSource Broward. This virtual event discussed the short-term and long-term effects of the pandemic on the marine industry, the industry skills gap, and our workforce development initiatives. Roger Moore, President of Nautical Ventures also sat on the panel to discuss his business and the challenges and opportunities they are facing during this time. It was a great event that continued to build awareness of our industry to a new audience. 

Announcing the 1st Annual Cardboard Regatta!

Announcing the 1st Annual Cardboard Regatta!

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the MIASF has revamped the annual Plywood Regatta event to a Cardboard Regatta event for 2021!

With many students continuing to attend school virtually, we have created a Cardboard Regatta that students will be able to work on at home either by themselves or with a partner. Don’t worry, we tested it ourselves to make sure the boats will float in the pool. Watch it here.

Students will have two weeks to build their cardboard vessels at home using specific materials, some of which will be supplied by MIASF, and then compete in a timed race at the pool at South Broward High School in Hollywood.

The 1st Annual Cardboard Regatta will be held on April 17-18, 2021, and now is your chance to be a part of helping to build boating's future!

Sponsorship starts at $500 for a future boat builder at this fun and important event. Proceeds benefit the Plywood Regatta Scholarship Fund which helps participants pay for advanced education toward careers in the marine industry. View all sponsorship opportunities by clicking here.

Volunteers are needed to help with event set up on Friday, April 16th and to help with various event logistics on Saturday and Sunday (April 17th & 18th).

MIASF Board of Directors Slate Announcement

MIASF Board of Directors Slate Announcement

Pursuant to Article 7, Section 1 of the By-Laws of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, Inc., the Board of Directors has voted upon and approved the slate of Officers and Directors proposed by the Nominating Committee. The slate of nominees is as follows:


Officer Nominations (one year term):

Chairman:                  Doug West, Lauderdale Marine Center                    

Vice Chairman:            Jimmie Harrison, Frank & Jimmie's Propeller

Secretary/Treasurer:    James Brewer, Derecktor of Florida


Jim Naugle, Lauderdale Boat Yard, will serve in the role of Past-Chairman.


Director Nominations for four vacant directorships follow in alphabetical order (two year terms):

Glen Allen                Derecktor Fort Pierce

Phil Burgess             Pinmar

Chuck Cashman       MarineMax

Bob Denison            Denison Yachting

Danny James           Compass Logistics Marine

John Jarvie               Oversea Yacht Insurance

Graeme Lord            Fairport

Megan Washington Pier Sixty-Six Marina


Additionally, pursuant to Article 7, Section 2, additional Director and Officer nominations will be accepted from the general membership. If you wish to make additional nominations, use the form linked here and email Patience Cohn ( or Nicole Hoekstra ( no later than Monday, April 12th to confirm.  Each nomination for a Director must carry five signatures of bona fide regular members of the Association. Each nomination for office of Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary/Treasurer requires: (1) the nominee be a current or former member of the MIASF Board of Directors; (2) an agreement to serve if elected; and (3) ten signatures of bona fide regular members.

A final ballot will be emailed to all regular members on Thursday, April 22nd.

Member News: Lumishore

Member News: Lumishore

Lumishore has named Adam Hurley as operations manager at its US headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.

Hurley will be responsible for managing the overall operations at Lumishore USA as well as enhancing procedures, systems, workflow, reporting, and quality control.

He has more than a decade of experience working in operations, data and client service management in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. “We are delighted to welcome Adam into the Lumishore family,” says Eifrion Evans, Lumishore CEO. “We are confident this his appointment will ensure that our customer service and operational integrity reaches new levels for the benefit of all our customers.”

Member News: Ward's Marine Electric

Member News: Ward's Marine Electric

2021 marks the 70plus years of the founding of Ward’s Marine Electric (WME).

Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, WME has been a cornerstone of the South Florida marine industry for generations. Founded in 1950, Ward’s Marine Electric is a family-owned business entering the third generation of its 70+ year history.

In addition to multiple generations of family ownership, there are multiple generations of employees.  Over the past 70 plus years, company capabilities have grown, often out of necessity.  What started as a way to keep the field technicians supplied with the repair parts they needed has now become one of the largest marine electrical parts sales operations in the country. WME has also grown into manufacturing, engineering, engraving, and government contracting.

As one of the founding members of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida in 1961, Ward’s Marine Electric is a pioneer of the local marine industry. On behalf of the MIASF staff and Board of Directors, we are proud to offer sincere congratulations to the entire Ward’s Marine Electric family on its 70 plus years in business!

Member News: Latham Marine

Member News: Latham Marine

Bill Bartus has been named National Sales Manager at Latham Marine and Latham Performance Products. Latham Marine was founded in 1973 by Bob Latham and has maintained its position as the world leader in high performance marine steering systems and hardware.

Bartus, a marine industry professional with more than 25 years of experience in high performance boating and dealership development will spearhead new product designs, sales growth of Latham’s legacy offshore parts and equipment and explore new industries to promote those products to.

“I am excited to add the next chapter to Latham Marine’s long history of building and supplying the world’s best engineered and highest quality marine parts. Bob and Kathy Latham built a great business, and the future will only be brighter. There aren’t many companies like Latham in this industry today,” said Bartus. He will be based out of the company’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters.


Member News: Pinmar

Member News: Pinmar

Pinmar is pleased to announce the appointment of Alexander Swain as Vice President, North America to lead the implementation of Pinmar’s global strategy in the USA market.

Alex brings more than 30 years of global business development and production management experience to this new position and is most recognized in the marine industry for his roles at MB92 Barcelona and more recently at Jotun’s global yachting division.

Upon starting his new role with Pinmar Alex commented, “It’s a pleasure to be part of the Pinmar team and I am excited and eager to start work aligning the USA business with our global growth strategy. Pinmar is a brand with a long and well-respected history in the superyacht service sector and I very much look forward to working with the senior management team as we develop our turnkey refit service offerings for our US clients.”

Alex will be responsible for Pinmar’s business operations in the USA, working alongside Peter Brown who will remain as Managing Director of Pinmar USA Inc, and will provide greater synergy between US and European operations. Phil Burgess will remain as General Manager with a focus on sales and supporting business development.

Member News: Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Member News: Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

Happy 74th Birthday to the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport!

To celebrate this milestone, FXE is featuring “A Flight Through History,” which is an exhibit at City Hall this March as part of the Lobby Art Gallery program. The exhibit features the Airport’s history, growth, and development from 1947 to present, and two great wall murals for a selfie.

Executive Airport’s early beginnings date back to 1941. Formerly known as the West Prospect Satellite Field, the 900-acre site served as a training center for World War II Navy pilots. On March 11, 1947, the federal government deeded the property to the City of Fort Lauderdale for use as a public aviation facility. Now 74 years later, in the heart of the City’s uptown business district, FXE serves as the gateway to #FortLauderdale and is one of South Florida’s preferred choices for corporate and jet travel. Learn more at

Member News: Suntex Marinas

Member News: Suntex Marinas

Suntex Marinas Investors LLC announced a recapitalization of the Company led by funds affiliated with Centerbridge Partners, L.P. (Centerbridge), and funds affiliated with Resilient Capital Partners, LLC (RCP), alongside key management members. The recapitalization retains the Company’s REIT structure and will provide the necessary capital to enable the Suntex team to accelerate its growth and sustain its position as a leading acquirer of high-quality marina properties around the country.

“While we have experienced tremendous success over the years, we are continually planning for the future and have developed an aggressive growth strategy,” said John D. “Johnny” Powers, Jr., founder and CEO of Suntex Marinas. "This investment allows us to build upon our existing portfolio and continue to focus on acquiring the highest quality marina properties around the globe."

Member News: ZF Marine

Member News: ZF Marine

ZF Marine presents its new 2-speed transmission, an industry-first, as part of the new V12 Verado Outboard engine developed by Mercury Marine. After four years of partnership and collaboration, the new engine was recently officially launched.

As a result of a 4-years collaboration with Mercury Marine, ZF is now presenting the industry first 2-speed transmission for outboards. Production already started at ZF’s factory in Padua, the marine production facility for pleasure craft applications.

The result of the partnership is the powerful 7.6 V12 600hp Verado engine, first in the industry, and already expected to be a “game changer” in the marine market. It includes several innovative solutions, including the first automatic 2-speed hydraulic transmission. The maximum torque design is 724 Nm, maximum 7,000 RPM and its weight is just 55 kgs.

Upcoming Events: Cardboard Regatta & Night with the Florida Panthers!

Upcoming Events: Cardboard Regatta & Night with the Florida Panthers!

The 1st Annual Cardboard Regatta will be held on April 17-18, 2021, in lieu of our traditional Plywood Regatta event! Students will have two weeks to build their cardboard vessels at home using specific materials, some of which will be supplied by MIASF, and then compete in a timed race at the pool at South Broward High School in Hollywood.

Sponsorship starts at $500 for a future boat builder at this fun and important event. Proceeds benefit the Plywood Regatta Scholarship Fund which helps participants pay for advanced education toward careers in the marine industry. View all sponsorship opportunities by clicking here.

Volunteers are needed to help with event set up on Friday, April 16th and to help with various event logistics on Saturday and Sunday (April 17th & 18th).


Calling all hockey fans! Announcing the return of our MIASF Member Night with the Florida Panthers! Join us and fellow members on April 22nd at the BB&T Center for a night of hard-hitting, fast paced action when the Florida Panthers play host to the Carolina Hurricanes. Tickets are located in the Club Level End Zone and are $42 each (and include parking). Tickets are limited! To purchase tickets, email us at or call the office at (954) 524-2733.

Past Event: 44th Annual Broward County Waterway Cleanup

Past Event: 44th Annual Broward County Waterway Cleanup

This year’s Broward County Waterway Cleanup kicked-off on March 6th and occurred each weekend throughout the month of March, at more than 30 official locations across Broward County. Over the course of all 4 weekends, over 1,200 volunteers cleaned up a grand total of more than 7,800 pounds of trash!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s modified event and a special thank you to all of our sponsors: Broward County, Rolly Marine, Advanced Mechanical Enterprises, City of Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs Improvement District, CRYC Sailing & Water Sports Foundation, Derecktor Shipyard, Dometic, Environmental Marine, Florida Inland Navigation District, Harbour Towne Marina, Henry B. Thomas, LLC, IsoFlex, JM Family Enterprises, Land and Sea, Lauderdale Isles Water Management District, National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, City of Oakland Park, Rush Roll-Off, Starbrite, The Chappell Group, Water Taxi, and Wright Maritime Group.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

MIASF now offers group health insurance for all current members! Contact Jim Hopgood at the John Galt Insurance Agency for a quote at or call (954) 440-2853.

Salty Jobs

Salty Jobs

Check out the latest episode of Salty Jobs as hosts, David Chew and Megan Piggott, press their way through some of the jobs in the manufacturing process of marine exhaust systems with DeAngelo Marine Exhaust, Inc. In this episode, viewers will learn about two jobs: the machine shop operator and a welder, and how these two roles fit into the manufacturing process. Elbows and jigs just might not be what you think! Check out the episode here!


Featured Job

Water Taxi Fort Lauderdale


Water Taxi employs USCG-credentialed captains holding a 50-ton or greater Master’s License. Experienced mariners can hone their skills operating single screw, twin screw, and azimuth pod boats from 26 to 64 feet. New mariners can gain a wealth of knowledge on the job learning to operate and dock boats in different wind and current conditions.

Water Taxi captains pilot a variety of vessels, from 26-foot single screw launch-style boats to 40-foot azimuth pod-propelled boats to twin-screw 64-foot catamarans and more. Our captains are first and foremost responsible for the safety of their passengers followed by providing an entertaining and enjoyable day on the water.

Are you a new captain in need of experience or a seasoned captain looking for a more permanent local job? Either way, Water Taxi is perfect for you!

Right now, Water Taxi Fort Lauderdale is offering a $1,000 signing bonus for this position.

Apply now here.

Welcome Aboard New Members!

Welcome Aboard New Members!


26 North Yachts

Michael Carlson



2525 Marina Bay Dr. W

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Phone: (954) 900-9988

Company Description: Headquartered in Ft Lauderdale, 26 North Yachts was founded in 2011, and has quickly become a top boutique brokerage house. The brokerage specializes in motor yachts in the 70’-140’ range, and prides themselves on staying at the forefront of marketing tactics to bring their listings to prospective buyers. The combination of disruptive marketing and our knowledgeable sales team help buyers get into the yacht of their dreams faster, and help sellers get their yachts off the market quicker.

Business Category: Yacht Broker



Mathias Roberts



7900 Glades Road, Suite 630

Boca Raton, FL 33434

Phone: (954) 205-6463

Company Description: ALMACO builds and modernizes Accommodation and Catering areas for owners and builders in the Marine and Offshore industries around the world.

Business Category: Naval Architects / Marine Engineers


American Marine Repair

Nanda Ramcharitar



999 Eller Drive, Unit C1

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Phone: (954) 952-2140

Company Description: American Marine Repair has been incorporated and working on marine vessels in South Florida since 1987. We work with all types of boats - motor yachts, commercial vessels, sailboats, tugboats, barges, cruise boats, etc. Since the beginning we have built working relationships with our clientele by providing top of the line services in time frames that always suit the customer's needs.

Business Category: Detailing, Fiberglass, Welding / Metal Fabrication


Ballyhoo Media

Nate Shapiro



51 NE 24th Street, Suite 105

Miami, FL 33137

Phone: (305) 424-8422

Company Description: Ballyhoo Media is a water-based multi-media company changing the landscape of outdoor advertising and events with our unique LED sign boats. Capable of displaying anything from a static advertisement to a full length feature film, our platform encourages creativity, collaboration and community. Contact us to advertise your business, host a movie night or watch party, or wish your loved one a special message!

Business Category: Advertising/Public Relations, Marketing/Web Design, Signage, Specialty Products


Max Marine Electronics

Emily Tiernan



2185 N. Powerline Road, Suite 1

Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Phone: (754) 220-6565

Company Description: Since 2011, Max Marine Electronics has been the industry leader in buying and selling used, refurbished, over stock, and legacy marine electronics.

Business Category: Electronics