South Florida Intercoastal

YSTAP Report - February 2022

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Mar 02, 2022 Wed

The Yacht Service Technician Apprentice Program continues to be as busy as ever with two classes of apprentices, more than 30 apprentices in all, making progress through different modules of the program. The apprentices who have just begun the program in January have recently completed their Maritime 10-hour OSHA certification. Safety is extremely important when working in a shipyard and transcends throughout every other modulemodule, so it is always the first module for apprentices to complete when they begin the program. Once again, Pat Kelly, of Bradford Marine, donated his time and knowledge, teaching the apprentices the necessary competencies and lead them through the certification process.
The second-year apprentices continue to be hard at work as well. As they all are working their full-time jobs with one of our many employers participating in the program, they are each gaining unique on-the-job training experiences. However, they unite on common ground in their once-a-week classroom instruction at Atlantic Technical College. Currently, in the classroom, the apprentices are in the working on piping, plumbing, and hydraulics.  
As both classes of apprentices continue on their paths through the program, we are extremely thankful for those involved in the program, like Pat Kelly, who offers tremendous value and expertise to help all of the apprentices learn the tools and earn the necessary credentials throughout the two years. If you would like to get involved in the program in this capacity by donating your time, experience, and knowledge, we are always appreciative of speakers, presenters, and demonstrations who enhance the classroom learning for the apprentices. If interested, please reach out to Lori Wheeler at