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Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program Report

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Dec 01, 2021 Wed

The finish line is in sight to finalize the third class of the Yacht Service Technician Apprenticeship Program, set to begin the program in January 2022. By Friday, December 10th, all employees must have completed the necessary paperwork to become official participants in the program and identify their employee(s) they wish to put through the program.
The apprenticeship program is a 2-year program in collaboration with Atlantic Technical College (ATC) and the Florida Department of Education to create a pipeline and develop a workforce of high-skill/high-wage employees ready to grow within the industry. Throughout the two-year program, apprentices will work full-time with their employee while attending class one night a week at Atlantic Technical College (ATC) in Coconut Creek. Topics covered in the program include: basic electric, general maintenance, hydraulic systems, pumps and plumbing, running gear and machining, shipyard lifting, safety, welding and fabrication, woodworking and carpentry, workplace employability, and yacht painting. Graduates of the program will complete their studies with a basic understanding of a wide range of shipyard skills and competencies.
With the mention of graduation, we are excited to soon be congratulating the first class of apprentices as they ‘walk across their shipyard in a cap and gown’ and receive the recognition they deserve for completing the 2-year program. Andy Camblor of MarineMax, Inc., Erena Fridman of Derecktor Shipyards, and Tai Tran of Bradford Marine represent the inaugural class of apprentices on track to complete the program at the end of the year. Each of these apprentices has loved different aspects of the program to be their favorite and they all have plans to remain with their employer and continue to grow and build their skill set.
As we approach the December 10th deadline to become a part of the program, please visit our website or email Lori Wheeler for additional information or if you have any questions. The program is FREE to join for all employers, with the exception of paying your employee’s wage. The candidates for the program can be an existing employee (s) or new hire and the employer company must be an MIASF member in good standing. Our industry has seen somewhat unprecedented yet tremendous growth this past year, growing as an industry more than 35%. It will take all of us coming together to continue to build the next generation workforce and set our industry up for continued growth and success.