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By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Mar 30, 2021 Tue

Check out the latest episode of Salty Jobs as hosts, David Chew and Megan Piggott, press their way through some of the jobs in the manufacturing process of marine exhaust systems with DeAngelo Marine Exhaust, Inc. In this episode, viewers will learn about two jobs: the machine shop operator and a welder, and how these two roles fit into the manufacturing process. Elbows and jigs just might not be what you think! Check out the episode here!


Featured Job

Water Taxi Fort Lauderdale


Water Taxi employs USCG-credentialed captains holding a 50-ton or greater Master’s License. Experienced mariners can hone their skills operating single screw, twin screw, and azimuth pod boats from 26 to 64 feet. New mariners can gain a wealth of knowledge on the job learning to operate and dock boats in different wind and current conditions.

Water Taxi captains pilot a variety of vessels, from 26-foot single screw launch-style boats to 40-foot azimuth pod-propelled boats to twin-screw 64-foot catamarans and more. Our captains are first and foremost responsible for the safety of their passengers followed by providing an entertaining and enjoyable day on the water.

Are you a new captain in need of experience or a seasoned captain looking for a more permanent local job? Either way, Water Taxi is perfect for you!

Right now, Water Taxi Fort Lauderdale is offering a $1,000 signing bonus for this position.

Apply now here.