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Salty Jobs

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Mar 23, 2020 Mon

Sean Smith and Megan Piggott co-host the latest episode of Salty Jobs with Global Marine Travel, taking to the air to meet discerning clients’ needs. Megan truly soared in her first appearance in front of the camera, as she is typically behind the scenes as the executive director of the series. View it, and all the salty episodes, by visiting          

Job Highlight – MIASF Office Assistant

Description: Assist the Vice President, and other staff as assigned, in the daily management and operations of the Association. Must have a minimum of five years working in an office atmosphere or similar. Must be a team player, proactive, self-motivated, and self-disciplined. Must also possess writing skills, Microsoft Office skills, organizational skills, presentation skills, and good time management. Good verbal communication, ability to communicate and work effectively with other team members as well as MIASF Members. Adobe Creative Suite knowledge a plus. If interested, send resume to