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By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Feb 25, 2020 Tue

The latest episode of Salty Jobs stars co-hosts Sean Smith and Sarah Kelly, who tackle the hospitality side of superyacht crew training and practice survival skills in a simulated environment at Bluewater Crew Training. See this, and all the salty episodes at

Job Highlight

Job Description – Machinist Apprentice

MarQuipt, an established marine equipment fabrication company in Pompano Beach seeks Machinist Apprentice.

Responsibilities / Skills:

·         Strong mechanical aptitude;

·         Understanding of fractional/decimal inch based measurement system;  

·         Ability to read prints/drawings; 

·         Proficient use of digital/dial caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, tape measure. 

·         Familiarity with use of lathe, mill, drill press, belt sander, band saw, pneumatic hand tools. 

·         Excellent math skills; Ability to read and write at a high school equivalent level.

·         Attention to detail;  

·         Ability to work with others;  

·         Handle materials manually (up to 50 pounds), or using an overhead lift/hoist;  English language.

Career Level: 1-2 years of experience
Education: High School Diploma/GED


Job Description – Aluminum, Stainless Steel Fabricator/Welder 

Job Summary:

Fitting and welding of aluminum and stainless steel parts using MIG/TIG processes for leading marine equipment manufacturer in Pompano Beach.


·         Use hand-held equipment to join or cut metal parts.

·         MIG and TIG weld steel, aluminum and stainless steel components based on the specifications of blueprints and/or drawings.

·         Study blueprints, sketches, or specifications

·         Calculate the dimensions of parts to be welded

·         Inspect structures or materials to be welded

·         Ignite torches or start power supplies

·         Monitor the welding process to avoid overheating

·         Maintain equipment and machinery

·         Operate machinery used in the production process and assist machine operator

·         Assemble items as instructed by floor supervisor

·         Follow safety and quality standards

·         Work with team members

·         Lift raw materials, final assemblies, and items for fitment manually up to 50 pounds or using overhead crane/hoist.


Job Description – Product Assembler

MarQuipt, an established marine equipment fabrication company in Pompano Beach seeks product assembler.

Job Summary:  Mechanical Assembly and testing of yacht cranes, passerelle, gangways, davits.

Responsibilities / Skills:

Assemble products according to Engineering/Manufacturing documentation.
Maintain documentation for labor hour records, work order processing and production documentation.
Ability to read blueprints, diagrams, schematics; must be able to understand and assemble hydraulics and electrical components.
Ability to use all mechanics tools and operate a crane.
Good oral and written communication skills.
Ability to read and write at a high school equivalent level.
Ability to work in a team environment is essential.
Cleans, assembles, disassembles, and replaces parts as required.
Install hydraulic tubing, hoses, pumps, motors, including system testing.
Install conduit, wiring as well as terminate connections.
Test functional performance of assembled equipment/systems.
Career Level: 3-5 years of experience
Education: High School Diploma/GED

Benefits include employer sponsored health plan, vacation, and 401K.

Job Type: Full-time

Compensation:  Negotiable, based on ability and experience

Application Questions

Submit resume to
Describe your mechanical aptitude?
Do you have documentation to show eligibility for employment in USA?
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Are you able to commute to work in Pompano Beach, FL 33069?
Send resume and list of references for review.