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News: Florida Ocean Alliance

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Jul 24, 2020 Fri

MIASF is a member of the Florida Ocean Alliance (FOA), which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public-private-partnership of industry, trade, academic, and environmental organizations promoting awareness and understanding of the ocean’s importance to the economy and environment of Florida. The FOA announced the release of a new plan to restore and grow the state’s Blue Economy, worth hundreds of billions of dollars in economic revenue and supporting millions of jobs. Through a grant from the Florida Legislature with input from a diverse array of private and public stakeholders and in conjunction with the Governor’s office and state agencies, the plan offers a set of bold actions and a roadmap toward economic recovery coupled with growth.

Florida’s Blue Economy encompasses a diverse range of industry sectors that rely on and use the state’s ocean and coastal resources including, but not limited to, tourism, recreation, commercial and recreational fisheries, ports, transportation, communications, aquaculture, and energy. Analysis of 2018 data suggests in Florida it is worth more than $790 billion and provides enormous employment opportunities. Along with the Blue Economy, the newly released plan focuses on ocean and coastal resilience, human and natural infrastructure, and implementation, outreach, and funding. Particular attention is given to the need for bold actions that are transformational, emphasize innovation, include outreach and education, and are equitable for all communities and people. Recommendations include bringing together key representatives from the public sector and private industry so they can help to solve ocean and coastal issues.