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MIASF News - U.S. Coast Guard Sector Miami

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Sep 22, 2020 Tue

The annual change of command at U.S. Coast Guard Sector Miami happens every year in June and brings fresh leadership that is eager to keep our area safe and secure. MIASF is fortunate that Captain Jo-Ann Burdian is continuing in her role as Captain of the Port, as her understanding of the unique challenges of the yachting industry has been helpful at every turn, particularly during the COVID-19 lock down. In an ongoing effort to keep her crew knowledgeable about the industry, she encouraged four members to take an educational tour of the New River last month.

The tour was hosted by Bill Walker of Water Taxi and his new assistant manager, Greg Farley. The U.S. Coast Guard was represented by CDR Steve Elliot/Chief of Prevention, LCDR Chris Briggs/Chief of Inspections, LT Sam Rodriguez/Chief of Waterways Management, and Mr. Jose Ramirez. MIASF could not have asked for a better group to learn more about the marine industry.

The tour started at the train bridge and offered an opportunity for those in attendance to discuss a few regulatory items while the boat navigated up the New River. As it reached Florida turn, CDR Elliot asked if many big boats came up the river – exactly the reason for the tour and the answer was apparent as the boat approached Lauderdale Marine Center, which was filled to near capacity. Stopping briefly at Bradford Marine, MIASF board member, Julie Berry, introduced everyone to the new owners, John and Michael Kelly. Past MIASF Board of Directors chairman, Jim Naugle, had the opportunity to show MIASF’s guests the challenges that the I-595 expansion is presenting to navigation underneath the bridge and the maintenance/painting of the S.R. 84 bridge. The item of most importance to the U.S. Coast Guard was how to get the word out regarding the timely reporting of the notice of arrival. Failure to comply is subject to a fine of up to $94,219, and currently there are more than a dozen cases being investigated. The tour was a success and good communication continues with the next generation of sector Miami leaders.