South Florida Intercoastal


By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Oct 21, 2020 Wed

MIASF partnered with HANDY, Inc. during its marine industry month to virtually present to their youth. Megan Piggott, MIASF digital media and outreach coordinator, presented an overview of the marine industry and moderated a panel of industry leaders. The panelists included Erena Fridman- Yacht Service Technician Apprentice with Derecktor, Ionna Hernandez- Business Development Manager of International Registries, Inc., and Richard Grennen- CEO/President of FHG Marine Engineering. There were more than 70 youth, from age 12 to 25, virtually participating from three different HANDY sites. The panelists spoke about their pathways and experiences, their careers, and advice they would give to the youth entering their careers.

The three teams at each site were then challenged to create a commercial to ‘sell’ the viewer on a career(s) in the marine industry. The commercials were reviewed by MIASF Education and Workforce Committee leaders on the basis of creativity, industry knowledge, and persuasion. The winning commercial came from HANDY’s Wells Center site and the participants will receive a special dinner delivered to their site in compliance with health and safety standards.