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MIASF News - HANDY Virtual Event

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Sep 22, 2020 Tue

As part of its ongoing workforce/education efforts and outreach, on September 30th MIASF will host a virtual event for 45-60 youth, ages 12 to 25, within three sites of the HANDY Program. (HANDY is an acronym for Helping Abused Neglected and Disadvantaged Youth in foster and relative/nonrelative care associated with the child dependency system.) The virtual event will start with a broad overview of the marine industry before transitioning into a panel discussion to explore different careers in the industry. Confirmed panelists include:

·         Ionna Hernandez – Business Development Manager, Yachts of International Registries, Inc.

·         Richard Grennen – President/CEO of FHG Marine Engineering, Inc.

·         Erena Fridman – Derecktor Shipyard Yacht Service Technician Apprentice

The HANDY participants will then be challenged to explore a career in the industry and, with the other youth at their site, create a commercial about a specific career, and submit the video to MIASF. The submissions will be judged, a winner will be selected, and prizes will be awarded.