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MIASF Business Spotlight: Interlux

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Apr 30, 2019 Tue

A division of Netherland-based AkzoNobel, Interlux® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-performance boat paint, yacht coatings, and  marine protection. Formed in  1881, the Interlux® brand has become synonymous with the highest standard of care for all kinds of vessels and is an  integral part of boat building and maintenance.

For over a century, Interlux® has been creating the most innovative coating solutions to protect, beautify, and improve the performance of all types of boats with yacht coatings for both above and below the waterline including antifouling, undercoats, yacht varnish, and many more solutions. The success of the business has been built on two things: an ongoing commitment to understanding the needs of its customers, and, in turn, providing quality product and service solutions that consistently perform for the boat owner, boatyard professional, or boat builder anywhere in the world.

Scientific expertise is at the heart of the business, which dedicates more people, technology, and investment to research and development programs than any other yacht paint manufacturer in the world. With its dedicated yacht laboratories and customer-integrated testing programs, Interlux® has become the first-choice partner for the world’s most demanding customers.

Interlux® is devoted to providing proven solutions that protect, beautify, and reduce boat maintenance. It strives to ensure that its work not only makes a difference – it becomes a critical element of support for its customers. Whether in the lab researching and developing new products, or at sea putting its products to the test, getting the chemistry right is critical, as is knowing the subtle differences between people and water all over the world. Wherever there are boats, Interlux® is right at the heart of the matter, making connections, solving problems, and sharing knowledge.

Since the inception of MIASF’s Plywood Regatta 23 years ago, Interlux has generously donated all the paint used by tens of thousands of students to decorate their plywood creations. MIASF is extraordinarily grateful to the leadership team at Interlux® for their continued support and dedication to “building boating’s future today!”