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Member News: Videosworks of Americas

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Apr 28, 2021 Wed

Videoworks recently unveiled its new "Lighting Engineering" system, which is revolutionizing the design of the yachting lighting solutions.

Engineer Leo Megna, Head of Lighting and Comfort Projects at Videoworks, explains. "A new design method has been developed specifically for lighting technology, a new software created ad hoc, in collaboration with Eon Reality, which allows us to offer a highly innovative tool for the integration and control of lighting points inside the yacht with the fundamental support of virtual reality. In this way, together with the architect and the shipyard, the different lighting scenarios are optimized and then proposed to the owner, who will have an incredibly realistic view of the various rooms thanks to a 3D viewer. This will allow for all the details to be worked out before they are actually built.”

In addition to the usual design documentation detailing all aspects of lighting, virtual reality will bring the illuminated rooms to life exactly as they will be once they have been built. It will also be possible to intervene in real time to evaluate and verify changes in the diameter of the light cones, the color temperature and other variables that are always important in the definition of a lighting system. Videoworks' partner in the development of the new "Lighting Engineering" system is Eon Reality, a world leader in knowledge transfer through "Augmented and Virtual Reality" (AVR).