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Member News - TowBoatU.S. Ft. Lauderdale

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Jun 29, 2020 Mon

TowBoatU.S. Ft. Lauderdale took delivery of an incredibly robust 55 ANB (Aids to Navigation Boat) in mid-May. The boat has a rich history serving as a United States Coast Guard vessel and was built to service Coast Guard Aids to Navigation. She is 55 feet long, equipped with twin 12-cylinder Detroit Diesel engines, has berthing for four passengers and has a crane mounted to the work deck. This vessel served the Galveston, Texas area prior to being purchased and placed into commercial service several years ago. The boat was built by R. E. Derecktor in the Mamaroneck, N.Y. shipyard in 1977 to military specifications and has stood the test of time with amazing grace. She has been named Lady Katherine, in honor of Katherine Acheson, wife of TowBoatUS Ft. Lauderdale president and founder, Larry Acheson.

TowBoatU.S. Ft. Lauderdale purchased the vessel to help fill a void left when their 46’ launch boat entered a long-term charter agreement. She will not be painted red or lettered with the TowBoatU.S. trademarks right away. so she can get to work taking care of the company’s loyal customers as soon as possible. The vessel will be primarily utilized as a cargo and passenger launch vessel, also performing medium range towing duties as the Bahamian government eases restrictions and the need for the company’s towing from the Bahamas spools up during the summer months.