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Member News: Shoreline Foundation

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Mar 02, 2022 Wed

Shoreline Foundation Inc., South Florida’s premier specialty marine construction company and Brayman Construction Corporation, BCC, of Pennsylvania have established a joint venture for the US$28 million contract with Kingston Wharves Limited, KWL, to reconstruct Berth 7 at Port Bustamante in Jamaica. 
At the 1/12/2022 Port signing ceremony, James A. Royo President of SFI, said “The logistics of this world-class port infrastructure project are now underway with construction to commence in June.” The project, which is anticipated to take 1 year to complete, requires construction of a replacement 183-meter (600 ft) steel sheet pile and concrete bulkhead.  The new bulkhead will be built 50 feet seaward of the existing bulkhead and will include a dredging component.  Upon completion, KWL will be able to provide their clientele with 550 meters (1,805 ft) of best-in-class continuous berthing at their Port Bustamante facility.
The significance of engaging the expertise of U.S. based construction firms for a project in Jamaica, which has seen an increased presence of foreign government-backed contractors in recent years, was welcomed by U.S. Embassy Kingston Chargé d’Affaires John McIntyre.  He noted, “U.S. companies have a proven track record of delivering high quality projects with competitive pricing in Jamaica.  We congratulate SFI and Kingston Wharves on this most recent commercial collaboration between our two countries.”