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Member News - Pier South at Pier Sixty-Six Marina

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Sep 22, 2020 Tue

Pier South at Pier Sixty-Six Marina has undergone a transformation and now delivers full service off­erings to the superyacht community, providing the largest vessels with docking capabilities never seen

before in Fort Lauderdale. The new floating docks at Pier South allow the largest superyachts with an option to dock at a private marina and experience the world-class services, amenities, and hospitality that owners and crew have come to expect from Pier Sixty-Six. Pier South will also be a designated foreign trade zone (FTZ).

A few highlights of the new Pier South Marina include:

·         innovative dock system made up of multiple single cast concrete ­floating structures – the only system in the southeast U.S.

·         high freeboard of 36+ inches (fl­oating dock means no need to adjust lines or boarding ladders as tide ­fluctuates)

·         high load bollards and embedments to accommodate the largest superyachts

·         internal pile guide with “cushion block” technology that minimizes dock movement and absorbs wave and vessel impact energy

·         max draft of 30 feet (9.14m)

·         high volume water and pump out

·         in-dock, high volume transfer fueling

·         Up to 1000-amp power pedestals

·         High-speed wi-fi

·         Golf cart access

·         24/7 security