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Member News: Neptune Boat Lifts

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Dec 21, 2020 Mon

ShoreMaster,  LLC,  which  merged  with  HydroHoist, LLC in 2019, announced this week the acquisition of Neptune Boat Lifts, Inc., the premier  salt-water  boat  lift  brand  based  in  Fort  Lauderdale,  Florida.  Collectively,  these  three  market leaders provide the most comprehensive suite of waterfront products in North America. With the acquisition of Neptune, the portfolio of brands will now cover all fresh- and salt-water marine environments. The combined product offering covers the broadest spectrum of product categories  in  the  dock,  boat  lift  and  accessories  markets,  while  accommodating  all  boat  types,  sizes and applications in the industry.

Founded  in  2007,  Neptune  is  the  leading  manufacturer  of  marine  lifts,  dedicating  its  efforts  to  exceeding  customer  expectations  while  utilizing  the  finest  materials  and  engineering.  Neptune  has been a pioneer in the salt-water marine environment, focusing its design and manufacturing on product safety, performance and quality. The Neptune team collectively has over 100 years of real-world  experience,  with  every  lift  designed  and  engineered  in-house,  then  independently  evaluated and certified by structural engineers. David  Humphreys,  President  of  Neptune,  said,  “We  are  excited  to  join  ShoreMaster  and  HydroHoist, two dominant brands in the industry. We are confident in the future and this merger places our team, our dealers  and  our  products  in  ideal  positions  for  continued  growth  and  success.”