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Member News: Nautical Ventures Receives Dealer-of-the-Year Awards

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Jun 02, 2022 Thu

Retailer and dealership Nautical Ventures announced that it received dealer-of-the-year awards from Axopar Boats, Flite electric hydrofoil boards and NautiBuoy Marine.

Axopar recognized Nautical Ventures at its annual dealer meeting in Mallorca, Spain. “Nautical Ventures has been the eyes and ears for Axopar in America for over six years, and we’re proud that our contribution has helped the brand be what they are today,” Nautical Ventures CEO Roger Moore said in a statement. “We’ve sold almost 500 Axopars since their introduction to the U.S. in 2016, and we’re very proud of the relationship we’ve forged with them.”

Flite founder and CEO David Trewern traveled to Florida from Australia to deliver the dealer of the year award in person. Nautical Ventures said it has sold more than 200 Fliteboards in the last 15 months and has an additional 200 on order.