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Member News: MarineMax Adds Saxdor Yachts

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Dec 01, 2021 Wed

MarineMax has added Saxdor Yachts to its lineup of vessels, introducing the sleek line of boats in Florida retail stores with plans to expand to locations outside the Sunshine State next year.
Already a sensation in Europe, Saxdor also announced it seeks to expand production to meet stateside demand, with plans to build domestically in a shipyard in Edenton, N.C.
“We are excited for such a great opportunity to introduce an innovative and upcoming brand in the world's biggest boating markets,” said chief revenue officer and executive vice president Chuck Cashman in a statement. “This strategic partnership will allow us to offer our customers a remarkable new product. It's also a remarkable step in the growth story of Saxdor.”
Debuting last year, the Finnish-designed and Polish-built model line launched the Saxdor 200, a 19-footer that skirts the line between small boat and PWC. The company — with a model line that has expanded to 32 feet, with plans for larger vessels — has become the fastest-growing premium brand in the E.U.
“Ever since our very first discussions with the team at MarineMax we have realized that we share the same values as companies within the aspiration for premium products in design and quality," said Saxdor growth and development director Ludvig Liljequist. "We are very excited about this long-term partnership that will ensure our U.S. customers receive the best possible experience in regard to service level, sales and aftermarket, as MarineMax really is the best-in-class.”