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Member News: FWC Announce Florida Surpasses 1 Million Boaters

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Mar 31, 2022 Thu

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) announced this month that Florida continues to lead the nation and has passed the mark of 1 million registered recreational vessels across the state. Florida, with its great year-round weather and plenty of access to fresh and salt water, is the “Boating Capital of the World.” With more people calling Florida home and more vessels on the water, it’s important that residents and visitors practice safe boating.

The top five counties for vessel registration in Florida are Miami-Dade (74,622), Pinellas (53,867), Lee (50,304), Broward (47,741) and Hillsborough (41,495).

“Crossing the million mark just confirms what we always knew - Florida is the top state for boaters. And with more boats on the water, we want to spread the word about boating safety to both residents and visitors enjoying Florida’s year-round boating season,” said Maj. Rob Beaton, Boating and Waterways Section Leader. “A safe day while boating is a great day. Nothing can ruin a fun and memorable experience on the water faster than a boating accident.”