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Member News - Derecktor Dania

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Jan 28, 2020 Tue

Derecktor Dania has been recognized by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Clean Boating Partnership as a Florida Clean & Resilient Boatyard, pledging to maintain and improve the state’s waterways by reducing or eliminating the release of harmful substances and phasing out practices that can damage aquatic environments.


The Florida Clean Marina Program (CMP) is a voluntary, partnership-driven initiative that encourages marina facilities to incorporate environmental best management practices (BMP) exceeding regulatory requirements. Aligning with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection's strategic goals, CMP aims to create partnerships with local communities and businesses to protect natural resources and promote economic growth.


To obtain CMP designation, facilities must follow all regulatory requirements of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, maintain environmentally responsible business practices and implement the provided BMPs. These BMPs address critical environmental issues such as sensitive habitats, waste management, stormwater control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness.


For more information about the Florida Clean Marina Program, visit