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Member News: Brownie's Marine Group, Inc.

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Sep 28, 2021 Tue

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of tankless dive equipment and high-pressure air and industrial compressors in the marine industry, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Submersible Systems, Inc. (“Submersible Systems”), a manufacturer of lifesaving breathing systems based in Huntington Beach, California.
Submersible Systems produces Spare Air, a redundant air system that is currently being sold by BWMG with its multiple diver surface supplied air diving systems and currently anticipated to be sold in the near future with the recently launched BLU3 Nomad systems as good safety diving practice. BWMG estimates that most Nomad units will eventually be sold with a Spare Air system, BWMG believes may result in an increase in sales of Spare Air.
“We are excited to partner with the management team of Submersible Systems, which has a long history of providing life-saving equipment and is the perfect addition to our portfolio of companies. This is the first acquisition we have made since we began a strategic initiative to find companies that have unique technologies and manufacturing know-how in the industrial and recreational aquatic industries, and is the perfect size for a first transaction”, said Chris Constable, CEO of Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. “Submersible Systems had revenue of approximately $1.8M in 2019 reduced by the effects of COVID on their customer base in 2020 to $1.4M. We believe that their balance sheet is strong, and they have excess capacity that will provide a warehousing or production advantage on the west coast.”
“Among the many things we liked about Submersible Systems was that they have been in business for approximately 40 years making quality products in the United States, just like we do here at Brownie’s,” said Robert Carmichael, Chairman of Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. “They are also a U.S. government approved contractor, making life-saving devices that are relied upon by many militaries around the world, which will allow the combined entities to leverage combined technologies and expand the US government footprint of product offerings.”