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Group Health Insurance for MIASF Members

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Apr 28, 2021 Wed

In case you missed it, MIASF now offers current members group health insurance for their employees. Interested members should contact Jim Hopgood at the John Galt Insurance Agency for a quote at or call (954) 440-2853. Several members have already begun taking advantage of this latest benefit of membership and have offered the following testimonial:

"Gillen Yacht Services is happy to announce that we are one of the first companies to provide health insurance to our employees as a part of the MIASF newest member benefit.  Founded in 1991 our company had always provided paid health insurance to our employees.  However, 10 years ago we found that it no longer feasible to offer health insurance which subsequently forced our employees into the marketplace model.  We discovered that most of our employees opted to forgo these expensive policies and were therefore left without coverage.  Each year our company evaluated options and found that affordable plans that met both the companies and employees’ needs were just not available to us. 

When we heard about MIASF’s efforts to utilize the buying power of the membership to provide a better and more affordable health insurance option to its membership - we wanted to be first in line!  Our evaluation demonstrated that not only could we provide a viable option for our employees, but with some education provided by The John Galt Insurance Agency we could work together to better manage our health insurance cost.  Our agent Jim Hopgood performed an educational seminar to train employees on how to be informed consumers who are actively involved in selecting healthcare both on cost and quality.   As a company we were able to provide a basic level of health care at no cost to our employees, while giving them the option with a small contribution to upgrade their service to a lower deductible plan.   

Providing quality health care to our industry will only help us as an industry to continue to attract the talent that is needed to provide much needed services to the marine industry.  Thank you MIASF for this new member benefit."