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Faces in the Industry - Sarah Kelly, co-host of Salty Jobs

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Feb 25, 2020 Tue

Tell us where you are from, what brought you to Florida, and how long you’ve lived here.

I’m originally from Huntington, West Virginia. I came to Florida to attend Nova Southeastern University to play basketball and I’ve lived here for about 2 and 1/2 years.

Where is your major in school and what position do you play on the basketball team?

I'm working on a master’s degree in organizational leadership. On the court, my position is anywhere from a point guard to a forward.

How did you initially become interested in broadcasting and being on camera?

I don’t really remember when I first became interested in broadcasting, but I do know I’ve always been super comfortable on camera and I have an outgoing personality that works pretty well for television.

What is your favorite thing about filming Salty Jobs episode? Favorite thing you’ve done during an episode?

My favorite thing about filming Salty Jobs is always doing something new and exciting. Every episode we get to go experience a day’s work in someone else’s career. My favorite episode so far was Resolve Marine Group, because when we were in the water bunker it felt so real. In this bunker we had to plug all the holes before the water filled it completely. This was really challenging but also extremely fun.

Describe any other organizations or events which you are involved

Right now, the only organization I’m involved in is basketball. We practice every day and have games twice a week, so it keeps me pretty busy. I also created a show called J.A.W.S.S, where I interview student athletes at NSU and get to know them a little better.

Tell us about your hobbies and what kinds of things you do for fun

I love spending time with my dog, Remi. Anything outdoors, hiking, biking, going to the beach, taking photos and making videos. Sometimes I’m a busybody and love to be doing things, but I also definitely enjoy laying on the couch and watching Netflix.