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Faces in the Industry - David Rose

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Nov 18, 2020 Wed

Tell us where you are from, what brought you to Florida, and how long you’ve lived here.

I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale. Graduated from Florida State University and now live in Delray Beach, FL.

Where do you work, what is your job title, and what does your job entail?

I work for Yamaha at Bennett Marine, where I am the Director of Sales. I manage three divisions – Domestic OEM, Domestic Distribution, and International Distribution.

How did you initially become interested in the marine industry?

I was raised on the water, fishing and boating. I had taken a corporate job that I really didn’t enjoy and one day I started looking at marine industry jobs and found a great position open in International Sales at Bennett Marine.

What is your favorite or most valuable benefit of membership in MIASF?

The networking has been tremendous, but I personally love the knowledge that is shared amongst members and the “best practices” that are communicated within the group since we are all from such different segments of the industry.

Describe any other community organizations or events with which you are involved.

I participated in Big Brothers Big Sisters for almost a decade but now my “little brother” has become an adult. We have a one-year old son – so my wife and I find ourselves with less free time.

Tell us about your hobbies and what kinds of things you do for fun.

Spending time with friends and family is “the” thing that I enjoy most. We are doing some home renovation projects on a new home right now and I love seeing the improvement process through each step. This is our second home that we are overhauling, so that is where I will be spending my weekends instead of fishing or trying to golf.