South Florida Intercoastal

Captain's Chair - Showing Leadership Amid Economic Reopening Plans

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Apr 28, 2020 Tue

MIASF is consistently working with local, state, and federal agencies, law enforcement, elected officials, and professional lobbyists to confirm and protect the marine industry’s status as an essential enterprise. As we are made aware of specific situations and occasions that arise, we are engaging with all necessary stakeholders to help provide clarity and understanding of the orders and keep our essential marine businesses open.

The mayor of the City of Fort Lauderdale is holding meetings with business, community, and health care leaders to develop a plan for the phased reopening of businesses, and MIASF was asked to participate as an essential and important industry to be included. We are grateful for the thoughtful governance that has been shown by our local elected officials, and offer special thanks to Commissioner Ben Sorensen who spearheaded the recent city commission vote that now allows recreational boaters to refuel their vessels at fuel docks throughout Fort Lauderdale.

During the Mayor’s meeting on the first phase of reopening the economy, a universal thread of “common sense” emerged, using an optimistic approach that is measured, considerate, and maintains strict safety standards. Although every industry has been impacted, as an essential, core, and legacy industry, we have not just the incredible opportunity but the enormous responsibility to continue guiding our community by demonstrating our characteristic knowledge and capability to thrive.

An interesting byproduct of the stay-at-home impacts of coronavirus is the fast-tracked trajectory of the use of technology to remain viable and connected. At MIASF we are using APPS, virtual platforms, and video to stay connected with each other and our members. During the last few weeks, I hope you have had a chance to view some of the staff-developed informational videos on boat ramps and hand washing, our Some Good News series, and our Board of Directors, Anchor Members, and staff video recognizing the amazing and selfless efforts of all frontline workers.

We have the opportunity to show true leadership in our community. We all want to get back to work yet protect our families, businesses, and employees. MIASF will continue working with all our partners to protect our essential marine businesses with a goal toward thoughtfully and systematically getting our economy moving again.

Thank you for all the meaningful things you are doing to protect the marine industry, our community, and your families. I know it has been said many times, but we truly are in this together and together we will recover.

The entire MIASF team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach out anytime.