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Business Highlight - Sailorman

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Jun 29, 2020 Mon

Owned by Chuck Fitzgerald for the last 31 years, Sailorman is touted as the world’s largest and most unique marine emporium, where boaters from around the world, buy, sell, trade, and consign boat parts on a daily basis. An extensive used inventory provides the store with the personality that has made Sailorman world-renowned. In stock are more than 20,000 new and repeatable items that make up more than half its business – not including close-outs, scratch-n-dents, and those hard to find “out of production” parts. Do not let the name, Sailorman, fool you! Customers include weekend warriors, sport fisherman, “circumnavigaters,” and superyacht crew.

Piles of nautical treasure and random knick-knacks pave the path of discovery. The employees are a bit unconventional and quirky, but they make you feel at home. Sometimes customers are offered a free cold beverage because it has been a long day, and other times the offer is some bug spray because there is a mosquito or two roaming about. Amidst the heaps of random fun junk for sale, Sailorman is pretty exciting! They have it all, from the old discontinued stuff that cannot be found at the clean air-conditioned chains to the newest marine novelties. "It's not just a store, it's an adventure.