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Business Highlight - Bennett Marine

By: MIASF Staff

Date posted: Apr 28, 2020 Tue

For over half a century, Bennett Marine has enhanced the boating experience, providing millions of boaters with exceptionally durable and dependable trim tab systems. The original design behind the adjustable trim tab systems was simple but proved to be a vital component to almost any boat, allowing the driver to have maximum control over the handling characteristics of the hull, to reduce bow rise, correct listing, improve visibility, increase efficiency, and more.

Bennet Marine was founded in 1960 by Charles Bennett in Detroit, Michigan before relocating to Deerfield Beach, Florida in 1977. With the company’s present-day global distribution network, Bennett Marine has become a trusted brand world-wide with a reputation for outstanding reliability and product support. In 2005, the company celebrated with an extraordinary milestone of 1 million trim tab systems sold and has consistently remained on the leading edge over the years with ongoing investments in staff, processes, and product innovation. The result – the most diverse and exceptional product lineup in its class with both electric and hydraulic systems available for any size boat. In 2017, Bennett Marine was pleased to join the Yamaha Marine family.

Bennett Marine’s continued growth and Yamaha’s ongoing support are demonstrated by the vast array of continuous advancements. The state of the art 2030 fiber laser has allowed for the maximum output of stainless sheet metal components and the ability to rapidly produce a myriad of custom shapes and designs that accommodate the ever-changing needs of the marine industry, while also meeting the stringent quality and production demands its customers expect. Bennett’s fleet of high of volume CNC machines are capable of 24-hour production, consistently holding tolerances to microscopic levels. With sophisticated multi-sensor measuring tools, the Bennett quality team is able to inspect incoming and outgoing CNC parts to the most minute tolerances, ensuring the highest manufacturing precision quality.

Bennett Marine has seen tremendous increases in demand for various product lines and is ensuring that protection capacity remains in step. Additional staff, fixtures, and testing equipment have allowed for this consistent growth. With a finely crafted seven tank electro polish process Bennett Marine has the ability to produce insourced, mirror finish tabs with maximum quality and corrosion resistance.

The implementation of the Yaskawa robotic weld cell allows Bennett Marine the ability to efficiently provide high volume boat builders with exceptional quality welds and extremely consistent products. With ongoing staff additions and planned footprint expansions, the shipping team has seen continual growth in efficiency and capacity. With a rich legacy, decades of growth and innovation, and an exciting future with endless possibilities, Bennett Marine anticipates great things to come.