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Nearly everyone has relied on Google Maps to find a location in an unfamiliar place, and for millions it has proven to be an essential mobile app that is used continually throughout the day. MIASF is pleased to introduce a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the region’s Google Maps Street View content provider to use Street View technology to map the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and the network of rivers, inlets, and commercial canals throughout South Florida, along with featuring the many waterfront and land-based businesses serving boaters.

Just as Google Street View has become a trusted tool for businesses to connect with customers, Waterway View has the potential to be the most exciting new resource for the boating lifestyle, connecting boaters directly with marinas, fuel docks, service and sales centers, restaurants, and all the other resources a boater may need.

Waterway View imaging will begin this month and continue into May until the entire ICW is captured from the northern Palm Beach County line south to Key Largo. Each section captured will be published to Google Maps starting in early March, and a free Waterway View mobile app will be available from Google Play, Apple App Store, and the MIASF website in June. A web-based version of the mobile app will be available to the public beginning in March and continually updated as more content is added.

To place an order or request more details about exposure opportunities, complete and submit the online form and our Google Street View partner will contact you with the pricing and details.

Important note: The only way to request to participate with MIASF in this opportunity is by filling out and submitting this online form.

MIASF offers its special thanks to MarineMax and BOW for sponsoring the mapping boats that will be used to complete this extraordinary project.

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