Waterway View App Update July 30, 2018

The eagerly awaited Waterway View app is ready to launch! After months of work capturing images of the Intracoastal Waterway from Palm Beach County to Ocean Reef, as well as countless hours populating the map with several hundred MIASF member companies and promoted listings, the app is ready for its initial release. If you haven’t already, be sure to visit and verify that the information on your business is accurate. As you navigate through the web app, please remember that the mobile version, which has been submitted for approval to the Apple Store and Google Play Store, will appear in a slightly different format and that it is typical for some initial bugs to need to be resolved. We thank you in advance for helping us work through any issues you may encounter. The Waterway View app is a powerful tool for boaters and we are very excited to have partnered with a trusted Google content provider to offer this app free to the public. The imagery is amazing, and we are confident the downloads will be off the chart!

We are especially proud of the app icon that was designed by Lori Wheeler, MIASF’s director of operations. Following strict guidelines and using her extraordinary talent, Lori was able to capture the perfect icon to represent the Waterway View.

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