Volunteer Profile: Raiza Perrault February 28, 2018

Background (where you are from/how long you have lived in FL) and current employment information: I have lived in South Florida for the past 23 years and I work as a Community Manager-Real Estate Agent, serve on the Board of Directors at Planeta Vital, Climate Change Challenge, and International Solidarity for Human Rights.

How did you get started in the marine industry? I have been doing beach cleanups for over 30 years, in California, Massachusetts and Florida, and I was invited to a cleanup for the marine industry. Subsequently, I became a volunteer for the Waterway Cleanup at George English Park in Ft. Lauderdale until the position as a coordinator opened at Ann Kolb Nature Center.

What prompted your involvement in MIASF and what do you enjoy most about volunteering?
I believe we must protect our community in order to enjoy it and teach others to understand and respect the fragility of the environment in which we live, practicing and promoting sustainability and to encourage others to follow. I have dedicated part of my time to bringing awareness and educating people on how small changes can make a big difference by committing to reduce the environmental impact and thinking beyond waste. This doesn’t just mean making good decisions about the end of a product’s life cycle (recycling, composting, energy recovery, and landfilling). It refers to sustainable materials management – the use and reuse of materials in the most productive and sustainable way across their entire life cycle.

Are you involved in any other community organizations or events?
Yes, I have been sharing my ideas as an environmental crusader for years and have been living plastic-free for about 12 years, participating and creating activities ranging from beach cleanups, eco-friendly events, speaking engagements, teaching, to trips to recycling facilities and landfills with Ecomarketstore, Ecomb, Surfrider, Clean Up Miami Beach, Greenpeace, and Climate Action Now.

Why is volunteering important to you?
I believe the more I give, the happier I feel. Volunteering increases my self-confidence by doing good for others and contributing to the community replenishes a sense of accomplishments and pride.

What do you do for fun?
Swimming, walking, kayaking, climbing, yoga, meditation, and roller-blading. I also enjoy the ballet, Miami Symphony, and attending art fairs during Art Basel week.

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