Volunteer profile: Melissa “Missy” Dore June 17, 2015

Melissa “Missy” Dore may have a master’s in marine biology, but her real specialty is translating science-ese into human-ese. “I take something complex and translate it into something that the rest of us can understand,” Dore says, explaining how she turns complex scientific research into presentations that the Average Joe can relate to.

Dore had volunteered on MIASF’s Marine Industry Day committee for the past two years and has been the director of Academic Support and Administration at the Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center for 23 years.

Dore does frequent public speaking about marine science and has done presentations about topics including 40 years of marine science history in Broward County, oil spills and environmental awareness.

The Fort Lauderdale resident’s primary responsibilities include being a student advisor, supervising admissions and academic support and community outreach. Dore also is the editor of NSU’s Currents newsletter and coordinates the school’s peer-mentor program. NSU’s Oceanographic Center has been a member of MIASF since 1977.

Dore believes events like Marine Industry Day are a great way to connect to the general public as well as marine industry groups and raise environmental and educational awareness. “Being out of the water on boats is great, but you have to be aware of what’s under the water also,” Dore says.

Every year, the Oceanographic Center takes South Broward High School O-Stem Summer Camp students on daylong shark tagging trips – this year’s trip is on Thursday, June 25.

Now that the Oceanographic Center is part of the broader Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography, Dore, who is originally from Maine, says the school will be able to help a broader range of students.

“The expansion of the oceanographic school means we’re gaining more undergraduates, it’s going to be a very good thing for the university and college,” Dore says.

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