Volunteer Profile: Lisa Samuels November 30, 2016

How long have you worked in financial services and how did you first become involved with MIASF?
I have been a part of financial services since 1991. I began my career with mortgage finance adding credentials for insurance and investments from 2008 through 2013.

I became involved indirectly with MIASF through my husband, Rick, in the 1990’s. He was in the industry almost as soon as we landed in Florida. He involved me and our children at the yards where he was a project manager, and we always attended MIASF annual parties and picnics. I remember when the work was so cyclical companies were wondering how they would survive; everyone reached out to help each other to survive during these lean times. The camaraderie made the tough times worth it and cemented the greatest of friendships and memories. He asked me in 2013 if I could help the people he knew in the business. I joined MIASF that day and have enjoyed every event and meeting I’ve had since.

Do you have any family members involved in the marine industry?
Rick has held positions from metal fabricator, subcontractor coordinator, to project management and has been on site at AMT/Marine Max and Rybovich. It’s been a fantastic life for me to meet so many men and women who truly love this industry like we do.

What prompted your participation in the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and what did you enjoy most about the experience?
The FLIBS experience has been a big part of my life every year for the past 20+. Walking the docks, visiting captains, crew members, and setting up meetings. Now, being a member is even more special, because I was always being introduced as Rick’s wife and now I am introducing him as my husband. Being a part of the most amazing, fantastic marine industry event on the planet is very gratifying.
Are you involved in any other organizations?
I hold an office with the (WCC) Women’s Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, and I am a member and past officer for many years with Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) and The Back to School Expo in Fort Pierce. I support groups that have an educational mission for children because of my history as a teacher.

Why is volunteering important to you?
Volunteering to me is as important as my job. I feel volunteerism is my social responsibility by being a part of an organization or group. How does the organization benefit members and community, and how can I help and be a part of it?  Volunteering is very gratifying and I usually learn a little along the way.

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