Member Profile: Marc Gadbois, Tradesmen International December 20, 2017

Growing up in Swansea, Massachusetts as the oldest of three siblings, Marc Gadbois discovered his love of boating when he was about six years old. It was something that he and his dad developed together, and the reason he eventually attended the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in pursuit of a career in yachting.

After his second year of college, Marc began working a summer job and living on his parent’s boat in Newport, Rhode Island, where he captained launch boats for Oldport Marine. During that time, he was offered a temporary summer job on a yacht – and surprised himself by staying in the business for more than seven years. The yachting industry called and Marc answered immediately, accepting the hands-on experience to achieve his goals, as opposed to finishing the traditional college route.

Over the years, Marc served as bosun and first mate on a total of three vessels. On the two smaller 105’ and 116’ vessels, he traveled the east coast of the United States and the Bahamas, enjoying the yacht life and saving his money, however, the nine months he spent on a 196’ expedition yacht, although short, was a major influence in his life. Starting out in the South Pacific Cook Islands, the expedition yacht travelled to Fiji and then headed to Sydney, Australia for a major refit in advance of a planned expedition that took him to Darwin, Australia and on to Seychelles off the northeast coast of Africa. There the yacht owners spent a lot of time scuba diving, fishing, and attempting to break world fly-fishing records, a mission they achieved, before heading to Mozambique and South Africa.

After that remarkable trip, Marc flew home to Massachusetts and then down to Florida where he crewed on the 116’ vessel from 2007 to 2011, during which time he met his wife, Chanci, whose entire family is involved in the yachting industry. When Marc and Chanci’s son, Logan, was born, Marc realized very quickly that yacht life wasn’t ideal for his family, and he wanted to be involved in his son’s life. Despite Chanci’s understanding and support, Marc knew in his heart that he wanted to be with his wife and son in the townhome he had purchased years earlier.
Again, Marc’s father was in the right place and at the right time to guide Marc’s career when he met the national sales manager of Tradesmen International, who needed someone to help develop a new territory for the superyacht industry in South Florida. Marc was pursued by the sales manager for months before he agreed to come ashore. He was concerned about a huge change in lifestyle and a pay cut that would impact his ability to care for his family.

After seeking the advice of many friends and mentors, Marc was eventually convinced that with hard work and dedication he would be able to get back to the salary he was accustomed to earning. Today, he believes it was the best decision he ever made. After a few promotions, Marc is now East Coast Area Manager for Tradesmen International, a company that provides skilled labor to shipyards and marine contractors, as well as commercial projects. Tradesmen International employs more than 10,000 craftsmen, including welders, carpenters, electricians, etc. in 165 locations in North America. For example, when a shipyard has a major refit that will last several months, it leases employees from Tradesmen International for the length of time needed, which is a benefit to the yard as well as the employee, who has continuity in employment, benefits, and necessary deductions from just one company, even though in one year he may work at 14 different companies.
With an aging workforce, Marc feels that there is truly a gap in skilled trades that he is helping to fill. Constantly challenged to identify top level employees, he’s hoping to partner with an organization that will help create a campaign to make work cool again, particularly in the specialty side of superyacht trades.

Despite now living back in his Massachusetts hometown for the last year, Marc stays active on the Board of the U.S. Superyacht Association and as a member of the Young Professionals in Yachting and MIASF. Although he travels a fair bit, he’s home every weekend with Chanci, six-year-old Logan, and five-year-old Cora, who carry on the legacy of spending long summer days on the water – with none other than Marc’s father.

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