Holiday Wishes – Celebrating a Growth Year December 18, 2014

Heading into the final days of an encouraging year for the MIASF and marine industry overall, it’s a good time to count our advancements, analyze how we may have done better and inventory the voyage ahead. It’s also a good time to wish everyone warm Season’s Greetings to those who have helped the industry achieve its goals and aspirations.

Probably the best gift received by the industry was a positive boating and yachting atmosphere made better by groundwork laid over years leading to it – and some of those were pretty lean. The culmination of that journey, the recent Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, was carefully positioned to capitalize on the upward tide.

A number of good things came together at FLIBS:

Throughout 2014, plans and efforts to keep the marine industry promoted and protected were undertaken. Beyond improving communication to members and the region’s media, and rebuilding the website for all to access as a useful resource, Association volunteers and staff kept the industry in the spotlight. Among the highlights:

There is much more, reflective of the diverse and vibrant entity described as the Southeast Florida marine industry. Growth is achieved through the dedication of time, service and vision in driving industry efforts for the good of our communities, the marine industry and the lifestyle surrounding boating. To all the volunteers and supporters, thank you!

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