From the president: Industry must ride the wave of the future July 22, 2015

Allow me to begin my first president’s letter to you, our members, by saying thank you for giving me the opportunity honor to be your president. I also would like to thank Kristy Hebert for her leadership as our president for a cumulative total of five years.

I have had the pleasure of practicing as a maritime attorney in our industry for 15 years. I have been an active participant in our marine industry, through my career, our marine associations and philanthropy. Just like the constant waves in our beautiful Atlantic Ocean, our marine industry has seen many of crests and troughs. Currently, our industry is enjoying a ride on a wave’s crest and I am fortunate enough to take the helm of this vessel from Kristy during this prosperous time.

However, if the recession of 2008 has taught us anything, it is to remember the past error of our ways, to diversify our business models to survive and look to future technology to persevere. This will be my platform when working on MIASF initiatives.

I am looking forward to working hard with our talented Board of Directors, seeking knowledge from our wise Anchor Members and actively communicating with you, our members. In order to open up the channels of communication, I have activated for you to correspond with me over our marine industry issues, initiatives and events. I pride myself with being approachable, available and responsive and I encourage you find this out first hand.

Over the summer, I will be sharing with you our 2015-16 MIASF initiatives and I will seek out your comments, participation and advice to help us keep our marine industry on top of the crest and to ride this wave into the foreseeable future. We are one of South Florida’s leaders in jobs and revenue, so let’s all work together to think creatively and intelligently to keep it this way.

My Sincerity to You,

Danielle Butler Treglia  

Your President of MIASF


About the president

The 2015-16 MIASF president, Danielle Butler, is the president and founder of the Luxury Law Group, where she handles transaction and litigation matters for pleasure vessels, yachts and jets. She was raised in Long Island and attended the University of Miami for her undergraduate degree. Here are a few more fun facts about Danielle:

  • Danielle’s favorite movie is “Jaws,” and she credits the character Matt Hooper for getting her into the marine world!
  • Danielle is a licensed pyrotechnician! She is the fifth generation involved in her family’s firework business, Fireworks by Grucci, established in 1850 in Bari, Italy.
  • Danielle was a marine biologist with the EPA in Washington, D.C., before going to law school.
  • She designs and creates jewelry and paints with acrylic and oils as a hobby.
  • Danielle has the honor of being accepted as a member of the S. Supreme Court, our nation’s highest court.
  • On Long Island, Danielle became a U.S. Coast Guard Certified Seaman & Auxiliary Person.
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