From the Captain’s Chair: CEO Search Timeline February 22, 2017

As most members know by now, I advised the MIASF Board of Directors in December of my intention to step down as MIASF’s CEO/President in January of 2018. When I accepted this position in early 2014, I made a two-year commitment to lead the organization, elevate its community profile, and safeguard the marine industries’ jobs and economic impact on the region.

I believe we have achieved tremendous success with a number of initiatives, including execution of a 30-year agreement with the producers of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show – Show Management, completion of the dredge of the Intracoastal Waterway, institution of standard operating procedures for the FEC bridge, passage of state legislation that caps the sales tax on refits and repairs, inclusion of marine industry companies in the annual South Florida Business Journal Book of Lists, the first Foreign Trade Zone recreational boating designation in the United States, enhanced community engagement with a Habitat for Humanity partnership to build the first-ever two-story duplex in Fort Lauderdale, and the launch of our educational marine jobs opportunity video series, Salty Jobs.

As always, there is still much to accomplish. We can be proud that the marine industry has a seat at many tables to help address critically important issues, such as transportation, job creation, trade, philanthropy, and infrastructure – something that will be vital to the ultimate success of businesses and the enjoyment of residents in and visitors to this region. MIASF will continue to support the development of a vibrant workforce through a dedicated apprenticeship program, the creation of South Florida as a Marine Research Hub, and maintaining and strengthening communication with regulatory agencies and elected officials.

During the first quarter of this year, the executive search committee will begin conducting a national search, advertising for the CEO/President position, and identifying potential applicants through a variety of available resources. Once the applicants have been vetted, the executive search committee will then begin an interview process. This will be an important aspect that will take a significant amount of time  into the second quarter as planned so that we can be assured we are assessing and vetting high-quality candidates.

When the position is officially filled, I will spend the remainder of the year working with my successor to ensure that he/she is fundamentally perceptive to our issues, is secure in understanding the role of the CEO/President in protecting and promoting the marine industry, and has a forward-thinking mindset with a shared vision for the industry’s future.

Change in life or business is certain. I have full faith and confidence that the process in place and the dedication of the executive search committee will result in the seamless transition of the industry’s next leader.

Phil Purcell
CEO/President, Marine Industries Association of South Florida

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