From the Captain’s Chair: American Pride August 18, 2016

Watching or attending the Olympics gives Americans an important opportunity to celebrate the pride of our nation. Cheering as swimmers Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky set world records, or being mesmerized by the athleticism and artistry of Simone Biles’ gymnastics, or witnessing the sheer speed and perseverance of the U.S. Women’s Eight Rowing Team – all bringing home the gold for the United States – allows us to unite around our common patriotism.

Whether it’s in sports, innovation, aviation, or marine, the U.S. leads the way in attracting diversity and a competitive spirit in all we do. Our global influence attracts people from every corner of the earth, and constantly challenges us to conceptualize, improve, and embrace our country as the melting pot of the world.

We are fortunate that the marine industry represents a true microcosm of our country. Whether it’s the diversity of individuals and talent in our boatyards, the exotic ports-of-call that crew calls home, or the 35 countries that are represented at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, our industry is committed to leading and excelling globally.

With 94 Olympic medals and counting, and 136,000 marine industry jobs and growing, there is much for us to be proud of as Americans.

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