Congressional Action for the Balance of 2016 October 25, 2016

This presidential election year has severely compressed the congressional calendar, and due to scheduled recesses for the election during October and the first two weeks of November, along with the Thanksgiving break, there are only a handful of legislative days scheduled for the remainder of the year. Outstanding issues include:

  • Longshore Workers Compensation Insurance Exception
  • Recreational Vessel Standards of Occupational Classification
  • FYBA Post-Sale Payment of Duties Initiative
  • Customs and Border Protection Cruising License
  • Bridge Regulations: All Aboard Florida/Coast Guard Public Notice (11-14)
  • MARAD Small Shipyard Grants

Despite the compressed schedule, many of the issues impacting the marine industry can still be considered during the time Congress has left in session, however, action in a ‘Lame Duck’ session will be determined by the election outcome and whether the majority changes in either or both houses of Congress, and who wins the White House. The targeted adjournment date is December 16th.

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