MIASF advocates on behalf of a variety of issues that affect our industry, including the creation of a free trade zone, the sales tax cap on boat refits and repairs, dredging and All Aboard Florida.

In June 2015, the state passed a $60,000 sales tax cap for boat repairs and refits that MIASF had been advocating for. The tax cap, which took effect July 1, 2015, is expected to generate significant revenue and jobs for the industry.

Permits have been issued and bidding has begun on the dredging of the Intracoastal from 17th Street to Sunrise Boulevard to 17 feet deep, allowing the vessels that patronize our waterways to have better access to the local marinas and boatyards. Port Everglades is preparing to dredge to 40 feet, and plans are in the works to dredge the New River, which will bring it to 13 feet deep. And a new report on the economic impact of the dredging of the Dania Cutoff Canal  to 17 feet deep showed that boatyards’ revenues have increased 59% post the dredge and the county has received an additional $23.4 million economic benefit.

MIASF is working to promote a win-win solution to the FEC New River rail bridge issue to assure that All Aboard Florida and increased rail freight traffic won’t negatively impact our industry. We are collaborating with the U.S. Coast Guard to establish a standard operating procedure for the New River rail bridge and placement of a 24/7 bridgetender at the bridge. Under current use, the bridge is closed for an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes in every 12-hour period.


The MIASF Membership Committee develops and maintains programs and services centered on benefiting the membership and providing opportunities for our members, such as hosting local networking events, to continue to add value to the organization. The committee has been influential in planning networking events such as Maritime Monday, Better Business Luncheons, and Member Mingle Open Houses. Check out the events page to stay updated on upcoming member events.

Education & Workforce

The Education and Workforce Committee facilitates partnerships with local and regional organizations to find solutions to workforce issues and to educate various target audiences on the career opportunities available in the marine industry. Most recently, the committee was influential in planning a panel discussion, facility tour, and river tour for the first ever Dillard High School faculty field trip where teachers were given a first hand look at the career opportunities available in the marine industry which will allow them to advise their students of the options available to them when they finish high school.

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