2017 Frank Herhold Memorial Scholarship Winner June 28, 2017

This year’s scholarship winner, Allan Anderson, is an excellent, highly-driven, intelligent, and hardworking student. Allan started his M.S. in Marine Biology in August 2016, and currently holds an impressive 4.0 GPA, setting him among Nova Southeastern University’s top students. Allan is interested in hard science, has a great intellect, and a considerable scientific maturity. His thesis will assess how the impacts of ocean warming and acidification on the settlement cues of coral larvae will indirectly affect realized recruitment in corals. He will evaluate latent/carry-over effects of delaying settlement and poor settlement choices on the survival and growth of coral recruits. This research is novel and will be an important contribution to produce more accurate projections of coral persistence through climate change.

Allan’s work is relevant for MIASF because corals provide habitat, nursery, and feeding grounds for commercially and recreationally important fish species. Understanding corals’ ability to cope with climate change is imperial to devise strategies to sustain reef diversity and the fishing, boating, and tourism industries.

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