2014 Anchor Awards July 1, 2014

Mayor Walter Duke was honored with the MIASF highest honor, the Golden Anchor, for a lifetime of industry contribution and achievement. The Mayor has been a steadfast supporter of the industry through many initiative in Dania Beach, including the deepening of the Dania Canal, rebuilding and expansion of Dania Beach Marina and planned improvements to the Taylor Lane Superyacht Marine District to name a few of the more prominent projects. Mayor Duke understands the importance of the industry and developed a culture within the city staff of respect and support C2070-581 of the marine industry. For all these reasons and many others Mayor Walter Duke continues to shows in his daily actions why he deserves of the Golden Anchor and the appreciation of the MIASF.

Derecktor Shipyard of Florida received the Business Award of Excellence this year for their innovation and investment in their business which benefits the entire industry into the future. Recognizing the growing trend toward bigger vessels and the opportunity to accept deeper draft vessels as a result of the Dania Canal dredging, C2150-195 Derecktor Shipyard took a bold step during the economic downturn to expand their capacity and lift capabilities to the 200’ market. Derecktor has also taken a leadership role in uniting the area businesses as they work together with the city to improve the landside approach to their businesses. All of Derecktor’s efforts continue to help keep South Florida as the global service hub of the yachting community making their organization more than worthy of the Award of Excellence.

Marine Industry Cares was recognized with the Award of Excellence for uniting the maritime community with the local community where they co-exist, and to harness the resources available to raise monies, awareness and support for local charitable organizations supporting children and families. MICF has raised over $650,000 in just six years with a large portion of those funds going directly help two local charities – Kids In Distress (KID) and Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC). Reaching into our community and letting others be aware of the generous spirit of those in the marine industry by harnessing our energies to a collective effort MICF is at the core of the quality of life in our community and warrants acknowledgment by the MIASF with the Award of Excellence.

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